Start-off 9/06 with the song, “906”!

Enjoy 9/06 with the song, “906”.

Prod. by Cooarri / DJ Skandalous
Video by fellow Yooper, Kevin Ceccon, of Neo Film Movement

For more Yooper-themed songs by T-Bizzy, check out the free mixtape, “U.P. LP – Vol. 1“.

Stay tuned for U.P. LP 2 later this year!


Published by

T-Bizzy & The Management

From Michigan’s small & blue collar Upper Peninsula, T-Bizzy delivers rhymes with grit, hunger, and pain. “& The Management” refers to the supporting fans, artists, family and friends. T-Bizzy writes his own lyrics and is always open for collabs. His close friend and producer since '08, , amassed nearly 1 MILLION subs on YouTube alone. They have several releases available on all major streaming services. OUT NOW!!! Gems to Virtually Neglect (ALBUM)

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