T-Bizzy is an artist born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
T-Bizzy & “The Management” refers to the fans, DJs, and core support group of family and friends. If you listen to T-Bizzy’s songs, then YOU are part of The Management!

T-Bizzy started writing poetry and recording verses when he was 13. It wasn’t until he was 21 and in college, however, that he had the proper equipment to record a project of decent quality. Once T-Bizzy started recording, he was hooked, and credits his influences to many other artists, perhaps none more than 2Pac and Eminem, due to their raw passion for expression. T-Bizzy writes all of his own lyrics, and is always open to collaborating with other artists.

Thank you for the support!

Email: tbizzy.themanagement@gmail.com